Ten days next to you
Trying to give you strength
I don't want to realize
That the end is coming up

Tonight you don't know who I am
I think the end knocks at the door
and I've fear the sun comes up
Perhaps this is the last time

Raise your eyes up
Feel your last time
Now you understand
We are prepared


Raise your soul to heaven
can rest in peace
I know you'll stay by me
I feel
You cleared me the way
And helped me to find the truth
Though I won't see you again
I feel you

You gave me life
You gave me values
You gave me pure feelings
Definetly you gave me a father


Father as God

Thank you for all...


from So different and So close, released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sidney Bernstein Murcia, Spain

Banda murciana de rock alternativo "neo grunge" de cuatro integrantes: Mariano (Voz), Alejandro (Guitarra), María (Bajo) y Santi (Bateria). Dos EP´s publicados hasta la fecha y con muchas ganas de trabajar de cara al futuro. Contratación: sidneybernsteinmusic@gmail.com ... more

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