So different and So close

by Sidney Bernstein



Este trabajo ha sido compuesto, producido e interpretado por Sidney Bernstein


released August 1, 2012

Alejandro Olmos, Mariano Olmos, Santi Bujeque, Adrián Navarro y Miguel Ángel Angulo



all rights reserved


Sidney Bernstein Murcia, Spain

Banda murciana de rock alternativo "neo grunge" de cuatro integrantes: Mariano (Voz), Alejandro (Guitarra), María (Bajo) y Santi (Bateria). Dos EP´s publicados hasta la fecha y con muchas ganas de trabajar de cara al futuro. Contratación: ... more

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Track Name: Busted
Today I wake up with the feeling that something is wrong
I wait my time to attack, but my victory never came
Now I'm sitting here! I want to run! Scape from here!

It's not worth crying like a looser
I'm going to lift me up stronger and I will scream
Break your chains! I'm not the prisioner of no one


I'm stuck, I'm busted
All my luck dissappeared in one moment
I'm angry, I'm sad
The law will condemn me for my mistake

Run away!! Run away!! Run away!! Run away!!
From here!!!

Track Name: So different and So close
I travel cross time with only pass a canal
Physical space that looks more like temporary
Maybe I'm crazy but seems to me insane
See slavery in the construction of a civilization

People who sell themselves, but have already been sold
Lives subjected to the greed of a few
Children without another dream than to known other life
Their only way out seems to be successful

Pay attention to what I am going to say


Two worlds so different and so close
This is the twenty first century man
Open your mind, open your mind
The truth is not found on TV

And I don't know how do you sleep peacefully
Knowing that people are dying or will die
While they ask for anything to put in their mouths
At the door of your castle

And I know it's easy to say that from here
But I wish that one day you change
And findings that foundations raise your empire
And you can count the lives it has cost

Pay attention to what I am going to say

Track Name: Empty
Like a dreamer without dreams
Like a sea without water
Empty, empty, empty, empty

Like a sky without stars
Like a desert without sand
Empty, empty, empty, empty


I'm a man with nothing to lose
I lost my love, I lost my life
Searching for my future
Searching for my lucky

Like a storm without lightnings
Like a religious with no faith
Empty, empty, empty, empty

Like sun without light
Like world with no life
Empty, empty, empty, empty


Born to walk alone in the life
I found the answer in your eyes
Please babe take me out
Take me out


Searching for my lucky
Track Name: Lost with no destination
Ghosts of the future
burst into my room
and torture my dream
once again
I close the curtains
I see reality
everything is made of
truth and lies

Today I have looked at the sky
and I found a star less
Today I've been to the moon
and I was bleeding
Today I closed my eyes
and truly felt alone
Today I've searched in my mind
and I have found nothing more

Many times
I've thought about
what I see can not be true
I'm still looking at the stars
I realize
everything is made of
good and bad


Lost with no destination
Track Name: Thank you
Ten days next to you
Trying to give you strength
I don't want to realize
That the end is coming up

Tonight you don't know who I am
I think the end knocks at the door
and I've fear the sun comes up
Perhaps this is the last time

Raise your eyes up
Feel your last time
Now you understand
We are prepared


Raise your soul to heaven
can rest in peace
I know you'll stay by me
I feel
You cleared me the way
And helped me to find the truth
Though I won't see you again
I feel you

You gave me life
You gave me values
You gave me pure feelings
Definetly you gave me a father


Father as God

Thank you for all...